The Millie Story

Millie was established in 2013, the first dessert shop in Toronto dedicated to combining Japanese flavours with French technique. Since our inception, we've been featured in numerous publications, articles, and have been voted on Toronto's "Best Of" lists time and time again. A big thank you to all of our loyal customers for your support - we will continue our quest for perfection and creating mouth-watering desserts.

Everything we do at Millie is rooted in celebration. We love to celebrate the small moments just as much as the big milestones. Combining our unique approach, with our relentless commitment to quality and the finer details, we create moments of sheer enjoyment for you and your guests. 

We can't wait to show you everything we've been dreaming up.

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Millie Desserts

We make delicate and delicious desserts with classic French technique, combined with Japanese flavours and methods. Our focus is our commitment to quality. To us, that means using the best and freshest possible ingredients with perfect execution every time - no compromises.

Our Crepe Cakes

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Delicate balance of flavour and texture

The perfect crepe cake combines twenty lacy, paper-thin crepes with an ethereal pastry cream in between each layer.

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Handmade crepe

Each crepe is made by hand, and every cake is carefully crafted and assembled by our pastry chefs.

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Four Flavours

Your choice of any four flavours to satisfy all your different sweet cravings!

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