Contact & FAQ

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What are your delivery charges?

We have partnered with a local delivery service, therefore delivery fees are based on the delivery distance from our Oxley St. location:

Within 8km = $10

8km-25km away =  $15

25km-35km away = $18

35km+ = $20+


How large are the crepe cakes? 

We offer full size cakes at approximately 9" diameter, either in whole cakes, or cut in half, or cut into a quarter. We also offer mini cakes that are 6" diameter.


How many slices are in each crepe cake?

We generally get 12 slices out of a full size cake. Our whole, half, and quarter cakes do not come pre-sliced so depending on your appetite, you may cut more or fewer slices from your cake.


How long do the crepe cakes last for? Do they expire?

Our crepe cakes will last 3 days when properly refrigerated - store airtight and make sure there are no other odours in the fridge.


Are there any raw eggs or raw ingredients in your cakes?

No raw eggs. We do use creme and other dairy products in our crepe cakes, however these products are produced to be consumed uncooked.


What is the store's phone number?

You can reach our store at (416) 596-0063 or email any questions and comments to hello@milliecollective.com.